Sharafat’s Statement

Sharafat Hussain is a long-time resident of Loudon County who is running to represent the 33rd District in Richmond. Sharafat served as the LCDC fundraising and activity chair-person. Under Sharafat’s leadership, the 2018 LCDC Gala was a historic success. Currently, Sharafat Hussain is serving his community as the Vice Chair of the Leesburg District Democrats. As Vice Chair Sharafat is pursuing a progressive agenda that is modernizing the way the Leesburg District Democrats communicate with the public. In addition to his community service, Mr Sharafat also brings to the state senate his business experience as the Chairman and Editor of the Weekly Bangladeshee – a weekly community newspaper. Sharafat is now seeking to serve his community from a broader perspective with the goal of increasing jobs, improving public education, improving the quality of healthcare services for the elderly and reducing tolls for commuters. To this end, Sharafat Hussain is asking for your support. Please visit his website at and consider making a donation to the campaign.