Legislative Agenda

  1. Reduce Tolls
  2. Increase Jobs in Virginia / Protect the Environment at the same time
  • In favor of increasing clean energy jobs in Virginia (Wind and Solar Power Production)
  • Against offshore drilling because it pollutes the environment
  1. Affordable Health Insurance
  • Cannot refuse you because of preexisting conditions
  1. Common sense background checks for guns
  • Ban on assault weapons sales
  1. Increase the number of math and science teachers in public schools
  • Our children must be prepared to compete for the jobs on the future in computer science, clean energy production,
  • Protect education funding for teacher salaries
  1. Fair common sense immigration laws in Virginia
  • Keep families together / Do not deport DREAMERS
  • Drivers Licenses to protect the public from uninsured drivers
  1. I support the Equal Rights Amendment / Will fight to pass the ERA
  • I believe in Equal pay for women
  • No discrimination based on gender, race and gender identity and religious faith

     Please Vote 11 June 2019